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Buildings and Design


​​​We take on public and private commissions for unique bespoke garden structures, street furniture and buildings

Please get in touch if you would like us to design and build something special for your space. 

Our  designs are built with humans and nature in mind.

bottega  07772757216


"Art Shell commissioned Bottega to come up with some robust creative structures that would provide respite and edible planting in the city centre (and pass public health and safety regulations) which was quite a difficult feat. John and his team did a great job of designing and installing several structures in consultation with ourselves and Cardiff Council, that included a large semi circular salad display, planters with hand carved sculptures, integrated seating and a water garden. These works were situated in an urban setting in Cardiff city centre on a tarmaced road, above the Docks Feeder canal on Churchill way. The work really softened and changed the purpose of the space, transforming the city centre into a place of rest, with art, free, fresh, growing food, not just a place shopping. The Bottega team have fantastic energy, they have the skills to get things done and have got the beautiful balance of being both artists and craftspeople, holding sustainability and strong social values at their core."

Jo Hartwig, Founder, Art Shell


The Bottega Project

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