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Our whole ethos and reason for being is to protect the planet by bringing about system level that will bring our relationships with each other, the rest of the natural world back in to balance.

We are always mindful of the need to stay aware and considerate of the impact of our own work in terms of materials and energy usage in particular.


Pile of Logs


The majority of our timber comes from two South Wales based suppliers:

The Milled Wood Company, Cowbridge

The majority of our wood is either from several woodlands worked locally by us (Coed Hills and Coed Y Tor) as well timber supplied by Penllyn Estate Farm woodlands in Cowbridge.

Cilfiegan Sawmill, Usk

Cilfiegan sawmill is proud to be a supplier of FSC certified UK timber which shows our commitment to the environment and the future of British woodlands.

Beautiful Nature

The work of the Bottega Project is supported and part-funded by Co-Hydro Ltd, a small hydro-electric company which generates up to 1 GigaWatt of electricity per year. One of our directors built and installed the systems in Scotland and has a revenue generating share in the company. This share is more than equivalent to all the energy used in our workshop in a year making us a net zero operation.

We are also still looking at ways to reduce our energy use, and our fuel consummption whenever possible. We are keen to explore solar as an option for not just our own premises, but also the microhouses we will be building.


The Bottega Project

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