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Our Team

John Whitehead,
Founder & Director

John is a whole systems design and development consultant.  John works tirelessly to bring forth into the world not only  beautiful buildings and sculpture  but a real sense of the heart of world, seeing the best in people and believing passionately  in the potential of each of us as humans. Believing that ways can be found so that we can live together within our resources.   In this way he inspires the people who work with him.  The Bottega Project  has been extensively, researched, designed and developed over the past 5 years.  

Lynette Margerison,

Lynette works as a Creative Agent for Arts Council Wales on the Lead Creative Schools team and has been designing and delivering community arts projects for over 30 years

She is also financial director and manager for Co-Hydro ltd. which has installed over 15 small hydro schemes across the UK.  Lynette is an artist, activist and performer and works as a director and producer of outdoor events.


Rob Sage,

Rob has worked in the NHS on Health Promotion projects and programmes, including coordinating a Heart Health project in Barry which set up one of the first food cooperatives in Wales back in 2003. He also worked for sustainable travel charity, Sustrans, managing successful active travel to school and workplace projects.


He was national physical activity lead for Public Health Wales, leading the exercise referral scheme, and most recently, Head of Corporate Services for Welsh Athletics where he led on communications, human resources, and organisational governance, as well as driving forward their work on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. 

Rosa Vaughan

I am enthusiastic about creativity, making characters through illustration and puppetry, activism and alternative sustainable ways of living. A passion for both animal and human rights has been a driving force in my life. I am committed to making a positive impact on the world, and actively engage in various initiatives that promote social justice and equality. Nature serves as my constant inspiration. I find myself most at home in its embrace, especially by the sea. Exploring the paths less trodden allows me to connect with the beauty of our mother earth and reinforces my commitment to protecting and preserving our precious ecosystems.


I joined the Bottega Project as an apprentice, eager to learn essential skills that would allow me to actively contribute to a sustainable community and participate in creating a better future. As I continue to develop my skills through the project, I look forward to taking on a larger role and fully immersing myself in the school for change.





My name is Rex and I'm a 20 year old engineering student at Cardiff University, and am involved with the Bottega Project. I have experience relating to the design and construction of mechanical structures and systems, and particularly enjoy the fabrication and machining processes required to materialise these projects. I'm a keen mountain biker and am passionate about spending time outdoors amongst the trees. Currently I'm working on a design for a one off handmade mountain bike for myself, and will be involved with future Bottega projects such as an electric cargo bike and interactive mechanical sculpture.

I'm Leon, an avid mountain biker and aspiring videograhper. As well as studying Media at Cardiff and Vale College, I work with the Bottega project on its landscaping gardening and construction work.


Lewis Abraham

Lewis is a highly skilled carpenter and cabinet maker. He will be leading our work developing a range of furniture to generate income for the project. Once established this will provide work for young people and beginner woodworkers. 


David Kilner

Our land, our rivers, our seas are all magical places, they’re integral spaces for our health, our communities and our work. They live and breathe for us.

15 years of community, nature, climate, justice and peace campaigning, working and mutual aid. From community growing, to warm homes campaigning, landscape scale conservation to writing part of Wales largest species recovery project. Natur am byth, pobl am byth! We change things ourselves, as communities and as a people. A better world is possible.

The Bottega Project

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